Thursday, May 9, 2013

Create Pinterest Pinboard Widget For Your Blog

Added on ( 3/17/2012 )
Pinterest also have RSS for user
You can find your Pinboard Rss by adding /rss

For example :
[Please note that it link you back to the Pin not the website you shared]
First visit this site

Then Click


Insert your PinBoard Address Then click Reload

After that  Go to Step 2 ,Define Extraction Rules


And Paste this 

<a href="{%}" class="pinImageWrapper{*}
<img src="{%}" class="pinImg full{*}
<p class="pinDescription">{%}</p>

in  Item (repeatable) Search Pattern*: 

Then click Extract

Step 3 and 4


Item Link Template


Item Content Template
<a href="{%1}"><img src="{%2}" alt="{%3}"/></a>


And here the generated feed

You can use Feedburner to Publish HTML Feed for your Site :)

You can find it in
Publicize --> BuzzBoost

Final Result :)

 (2012 /3 /6 )
Text Link goes to the Website you shared while Picture takes you to the Pin
Picture Goes to the shared Link

Updated (2013/8/06)
No Longer Work

Hope Fun Everyone

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