Friday, May 11, 2018

Troubleshooting: Unable to Log in Windows 10 using Microsoft Account

I am going to straight toward the topic. How to replace your local account with Microsoft Account.
Possible reasons why you received the error message "Another user on this device uses this Microsoft account, so you can't add it here".
1) You added Microsoft Account through Email & app accounts or through signing in OneDrive App etc
2018-05-11 21_32_50-Clipboard

What you need
  1. Internet Connection
  2. A Microsoft Account
  3. Windows 10 operating system

Instruction:  (Remove Microsoft Account through “lusrmgr.msc”. ) AKA“Advanced user management”
1) Run “lusrmgr.msc” through Run or Start Menu
2) Navigate to Users and Delete the Microsoft Account that are causing the issues. (Please do take note that information regarding the Microsoft Account will be deleted). Warning: Do not delete the wrong account.

3) Sign in with Microsoft Account again under ("Start> Settings> Accounts> Your Info> Sign in with a Microsoft account instead")

4) Done.

** I solved my Microsoft Sign in Issue using this solution above, this solution will replace your local account with Microsoft account. But you can always revert back if you want.image

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How to Fix the problem in Reinstalling or Clean Installation of macOS

It may help you if you are having issues below
1) Accidentally erase of the volume but unable to reinstall macOS
2) Error or Stuck during installation of macOS or the progress bar is not moving

What you need
1) Internet connection (Take note if you have limited Internet Quota)
2) macOS devices


1) Press Option-Command-R or Shift-Option-Command-R while rebooting (ps. It will startup macOS Recovery over Internet | thus longer loading time)
2) Select Reinstall macOS in macOS Utilities

3) Select the volume you wish to reinstall macOS and proceed accordingly.

4) Done

Ps. Posted here for people facing such issues.

Monday, January 1, 2018

CloneApp, Backup and Migrate your App Settings

CloneApp [Portable | Free for Personal and Commercial Use] is a specialized backup program created to backup all your App settings from Windows' directories and the Registry, and you can select only those you really need.
In addition, CloneApp allow you to set a custom File/Folder/Registry/Command to backup App not found in the list. However, this backup program is more suitable to individual than to corporate users as it will not allow you to restore different variation of the backup since all new backup performed will replace the old one. Meaning that won’t have 2 different settings of a app backup in a single CloneApp folder. 
Therefore, if you wish to have different backup, you should have a separate CloneApp for each individual.

Happy New Year Everyone Open-mouthed smile

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Introducing fooView | Your Floating Pal for Android

    imagefooView Text Recognition 

fooView [Google Play] is an Android App that I used recently. One incredible useful feature I found on this app is the Optical Characters Recognition (OCR) . Although I can’t say it works well with handwritten text but it is able to accurately recognize printed/Computer text. What make it worth installing is that the Text Recognition works offline. 
1) Screen Capture and Edit
2) Text Recognition [Work Offline]
3) Translate/Search Selected Text or Images
3) Gestures (You can configure the Float Icon to Turn Off The Screen or Switch on the flash light etc)
6) Built-in Viewers, Players, Downloader
7) and More…

Personal Tips
1) You can obtain better OCR results if you use it together with scanner app like CamScanner, ScanBot etc. Although the scanners app I mentioned do have OCR feature but it doesn’t work as well as the OCR in this Android App.
2) Install Google Translate App to get better translation experience.
3) You could also use this to select text on app or website that have text selection restriction.
4) You can configured so it auto-disable itself when running certain apps [Under Settings ⇨Float Icon]
5) The apps will also read the QR code of the selection when used, ps, you can use it to get your wifi passwords from QR code if you forgotten it.

Here a Official Demo video demonstrating how to use it