Sunday, September 4, 2011

Universal Silent Switch Finder

I always hate Finding Silent Switches for silent installation [Unattended Install] when using offline computers so I went to softpedia and search for something like these

 Universal Silent Switch Finder FileSize (1 MB)

Universal silent Switch Finder is a software which help you find Silent Switches in program .
(Please be noted that this software doesn't always found the switches)
Below is some simple batch script I used for batch silent installation

ECHO Installing CCleaner
ECHO Please wait...
start \Software\Install\Window\RECOMMENDS\Utilities\ccsetup304_slim.exe /S
ECHO Installing 7-zip
ECHO Please wait...
start \Software\Install\Window\RECOMMENDS\7z920.exe /S
ECHO Installing ImgBurn
ECHO Please wait...
start \Software\Install\Window\Utilities\ImgBurn_2.5.5.0.exe /S
ECHO Installing Window Live Essential 2011
ECHO Please wait..
start \Software\Install\Window\RECOMMENDS\WLsetup-all.exe  /q /NOToolbarCEIP /NOhomepage /Nolaunch /nosearch /AppSelect:Photo,Mail,Messenger
ECHO Installing Flash Player
ECHO Please wait...
start \Software\Install\Window\Web Broswer\flashplayer(Others).exe \install
start \Software\Install\Window\Web Broswer\flashplayer(IE).exe \install
ECHO Installing Firefox 4.0
ECHO Please wait...
start \Software\Install\Window\Web Broswer\Firefox Setup.exe -ms

Download Link : Softpedia

If you would like to build a Automate Silent Installation scripts , you can check out Autoit tutorial by

Hope Everyone Enjoys It

You might be interested by Ketarin keep your installer up to date
(It's also offered silent installation if you know the switches)

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