Thursday, February 9, 2012

Get Additional Free Space from Dropbox

Here's a Dropbox referral Url for anyone interested: Get extra 250MB space for you and me (If you are not yet registered use this Referral link to register + 250 MB Space

2 GB (Register without Referral )
With Referral link 2.25GB (for free Space 640MB)
Required Facebook Account , Twitter Account

Those with @edu Mail student can activate
and get 500MB Per referral instead of 250MB :)

Up to 5 GB of Free Space (From Experimental Forum Build Up to 3 GB of Free Space  (From Experimental Build ) Using Autoplay
"Import Pictures and Videos using Dropbox"
[You will get 500 MB for first upload and For Every 500 MB of Photos or Videos automatically uploaded , you'll received an additional 500MB up to 3GB Total ]

Updated on 2012/2/25

If Autoplay is not Working
Try these

 Open Regedit
and remove “NoDriveTypeAutoRun” key from:
1 ) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer
2 )

Control Panel --> Hardware and Sound --> Autoplay
And tick Use AutoPlay for all media and devices

This should enable back Autoplay :)

You might be interested in Dropbox Automator

Hope Everyone Enjoys It :)