Thursday, May 13, 2010

Best way to protects your Portable Device from autorun.inf

Best way to protect your Portable Device from

To Do the following step you must make sure that your (File System Must Be NTFS)

Create Autorun.inf in the root of your Drive

If you wish to hidden it
Open Run
attrib +s +h E:\Autorun.inf

Then go folder option and tick show hidden files and folder
 and Untick Hide protected Operating Systen
(To see the folder in order to edit Security)

(Be sure to tick back Hide Protected Operating System after you finished)

Right Click Properties on the Autorun.inf 
Press Security
And Deny all permission

In Everyone

(It worked in every Computer)

You can try it in other pc
to test if other computers can modify it or not

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Hope Everyone Enjoys It

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