Saturday, June 26, 2010

Protect Yourself

1)Do Not Run Unknown Files

2)Do Not Visit Link (That you don't know)

3)Do Not Enter Any Information (Such as Passwords in Unknown Website)

4)Be Sure to Hide your Email Address from Public if you still want them contact you (use a Disposable
   Email Address

5)Make Sure your Computer Got Anti Virus (Scan your Computer Weekly)

6)Do Not Trust Anyone from Web

7)Do not get tricked by Email (Check the Website Address that you are visiting and all Provider Such as Yahoo , Facebook (Do not request your passwords) 

8)Do Not give anyone passwords and don't copy it to a piece of paper if you scared you will forgot your passwords Use Keepass and set up a Master Passwords to keep all your passwords Secure )Download the Portable version to keep it inside your Thumbdrive [Recommend to use it in a Truecrypt Container]

Hope Everyone Enjoys It

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