Monday, December 18, 2017

5 Must-Have Useful Windows Programs

1) Listary [Free for Personal use] | 19.95 USD [Lifetime updates]
Listary is one of the must have software in my computer as it saved me lots of time when searching for files and folder. It is not as Lightweight as Everything but it is well-integrated in Windows Explorer. The free features is sufficient for most users but Pro feature might useful if you want to use custom shortcut for folder,file, project folder, command to process files and folder such as Resizing images etc.
If you are a person with lots of files, folder, apps and use command to save your time, Listary is designed for you. Note, this software does not search file contents.
For a Single License, you can use it on up to 3 devices owned by you and you do not need to deactivate manually as it will automatically deactivate and active on your last 3 devices.

2) f.lux [Free] – Eye care by reducing bluelight
it makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. Basically, it helps to reduce eyestrain and  improve your sleep. You can also disable Flux temporary when working on color-related tasks.
Note: Do not use it when performing activities like Video Editing, watching video, Presentation etc.

3) Greenshot  [Free | Open Source | Portable]
Alternative: ShareX
Greenshot is a screenshot software that not only allow you to take screenshot but also allow you to edit it for better presentation of the screenshot. For instance, you could blur the images (Privacy Warning: It is possible to unblur images, so black out the content especially for sensitive content)
It a simple to use GreenShot but if you required tools like video recording, color tool, you can try out ShareX [OpenSource| Portable] .

4) KeePass [Free | Open Source] [Windows. Linux, MacOS]
If you are still storing your password in a plain text, you should consider using Keepass as you can protect your username and passwords with the Master Key plus you can search for it. So no more remembering unimportant passwords. It is recommended to increase the Security of your Database before storing important passwords.
[Which can be found under File ⇨ Database Settings⇨  Security]
Alternative: LastPass [Cloud-based, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac] 

5) PhraseExpress [Free for Personal Use ] | Starting Price From 49.95 USD
PhraseExpress [Windows|Mac|iOS|Android] is a Text Expander software for Windows which allow you to increase your productivity by minimizing repetitive task. For instance, you could use the Macro feature built-in to decrease the number of step or time in performing your Task. Some of the thing you could do is change content from uppercase to lowercase. For instead, it will perform copy the highlighted text and then change the text to lowercase on the press of F10. Another thing that are very unique for this software is the ability to exclude the same shortcut in certain application. For Instance, you could have F12 to perform Resize function in Photoshop but the same key will perform Backup in another Application. The free feature of PhraseExpress should be sufficient but for commercial use, you may prefer Phrase Express Professional and above if you wish to use feature like input form, Mouse Recorder, etc.
Here my Sample Phrase for you to play with

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