Friday, December 4, 2009

Google Public Dns (Increase surfing experiences)

Yesterday Google announced that they have started offering public DNS servers as well. The system, called Google Public DNS

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Google Public DNS, was designed to “make users’ web-surfing experiences faster, safer and more reliable

Privacy Concerns

But what about Privacy? Users who use  DNS servers will automatically submit extensive data to (To their server) that includes all the websites and other services on the Internet that they visit
Google stores two sets of logs: temporary and permanent.
The temporary logs store the full IP address of the machine you're using. They have to do this so that they can spot potentially bad things like DDoS attacks and so they can fix problems and provided better services to their users

Temporary logs are  within 24 to 48 hours

The Public Dns is

A Google Code explained how to change the DNS servers to use Google Public DNS servers. Experienced users need to use the following two DNS servers.

Hope Everyone Enjoys

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