Friday, January 9, 2015

FileBot, Automatic TV Shows and Movie Renamer


FileBot a free open source tool for all major operating systems that can automate the task of renaming TV shows and movies for you. You can download Filebot [Here]

Runtime: Java


Subtitle Downloader [OpenSubtitles Database]
 (Free Members : 200 Subtitles per day, Vip Members: - 1000 Subtitles per day)
 [You need to register a OpenSubtitles Account)
TV Shows and Movie Renamer

The program supports three TV and two movie databases, including
TV Database: TheTVDB, AniDB [For Anime Lover], TVrage,
Movie Database : IMDB and TheMovieDB.
Advance Renaming

FileBot | Official Website | Download

This Software is often used together with

ReNamer {Free For Personal  use with limited feature but enough for normal use]
** Note that it does not detect based on the show name, only useful when filebot does not detect the show name.

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